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P4 Tuition in Chinese & Higher Chinese

Course Modules Academic Goal
Vocabulary  Enhance the level of Chinese
Test paper  Consolidate the knowledge
Comprehension  Enhance reading skills, skills to master the answer
Composition  Understand the picture, the analysis screen, complete essay
Oral practice  Enhance the listening, reading and oral skills
Idioms  Learn allusions to enhance literacy China
Basic penmanship  Master the correct grip position, easily written word
Newspaper in education   About current events, life concerns, social concerns
Story-telling  Enjoy the charm of Chinese story


P4  Composition class

Goal   To capture the essence of a picture in writing with the use of techniques taught in class.
Steps to learning   1.Read and understand given vocabulary
2. Observe all pictures in sequence
3.Understand the subject matter of the given title
4. Tell the story in paragraphs
5.Reread, check through and edit if necessary
Objectives   1.Articulate the content of the picture
2.Make good use of given vocabulary
3.Use word expressions and idioms at right instance