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Basic Penmanship Workshop

Speaker:  meihuan laoshi

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to write? Everyone, from teachers, parents and students want to have the ability to write beautifully and effortlessly. However, very few people possess the ability to hold and write properly with a pen. Everyone is aware that bad writing techniques will lead to bad posture, painful fingers, myopia and many other problems. Schools today do not teach the proper method of handwriting, and parents are also clueless on how to help their children. Meihuan laoshi realised that many people were affected by problems in writing, and started to observe how this could be corrected. With years of experience, Meihuan laoshi has gathered experience to pass on the most effective techniques to help anyone write effortlessly and beautifully.

Success can be achieved in just 3 hours! The mastery of proper handwriting techniques will greatly increase your personal effectiveness, and writing is a lifelong skill that is worth investing some time on relearning.

Target Audience (Workshop is not intended for left-handers)

Parents are encouraged to attend with their child (primary 1 onwards)

Secondary school students and the general public are also welcome

Workshop Content (Conducted in Mandarin)

1. How to maintain correct sitting posture

2. How to hold a pen properly and with ease

3. How to write effectively and effortlessly

4. How to beautify your handwriting using the 8 + 10 methods and techniques

Workshop Objective

For parents: Personal development and to guide their children at home.

For students: Acquire efficient writing techniques to improve everyday writing and overall learning capabilities.