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In September 2003, I had the opportunity to meet with a leading educator in China by the name of Yang Rui Qing. A principal in Xing Zhi Primary School located in Nanjing China, he believed firmly in the principles of teaching with love and nurturing children with the foundations of learning from young.

After returning to Nanjing again in 2005, I visited the Tao Xing Zhi Memorial and Museum, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the ethics and principles which the late Tao Xing Zhi lived by. Inspired by their professionalism and passion towards teaching, I came back to Singapore and started Xing Zhi Language Centre.

Founded on 19 January 2006, Xing Zhi Language Centre believes that each child has the potential and capacity to learn with the right foundation. We believe that it is not important to just impart knowledge, but to impart the love for learning from young. In this way, a child will grow up learning not just from schools and textbooks, but also from life.

Meihuan Tan
Founder of Xing Zhi Language Centre 

Our Teaching  Objectives

To provide a vibrant and relaxed environment for learning

To impart proper writing techniques 


Learn Chinese

Excel in Penmanship

Our Value statement :

To nurture each child from young and enhance their potential with love

To provide a fun and interactive environment for learning, with a spirit towards excellence


The logo of Nanjing Xing Zhi Primary School is in the shape of a cherry blossom, synonymous with the late Tao Xing Zhi. The Chinese characters inside represent his motto in life, which was to learn and live with passion, and continue to be guiding principles for the school today.

The two hands represent how essential it is to apply our knowledge to action. The smiles within the hands present the ideal relationshipbetween teacher and student, parent and child, students and their peers.